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We empower you through movement, mindset, nutrition, and connection in our Health Academy and KML Strong Membership to guide you to your version of “healthy.”


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We guide you in movement, mindset, nutrition, and community with our specialized team

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We focus on a collaborative approach with a team of medical and health professionals working with you to feel good and get results


It's more than just workouts and nutrition to find that freedom you've been searching for. We will show you how. 

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Health Academy

Transform your health through our academy that focuses on movement, nutrition, mindset, and community. 


KML Strong Membership

Move your body through monthly strength, yoga, and home based programs with a community to support.

Kelsey Lensman, ATC

Founder, KML Movement

Kelsey is the founder of KML Movement. She is a certified athletic trainer that has worked with people of all ages to help them live happier, healthier and more fit lives through fitness, injury prevention, nutrition, and mindset training. 


Kelsey has background in injury rehabilitation, functional neurology, and functional medicine. 


She says she is just a normal girl with an insane amount of passion and belief that people are capable of so much more than they ever think. She wants to help show you that.

After a year of working with Kelsey I went for my annual physical which included blood work. For the first time EVER all my numbers came back in the normal range! I had dropped 16 points in my sugar level and my cholesterol was finally under 200! My doctor was amazed. She said whatever had changed to keep doing it.




When Kelsey teaches it she explains things so clearly that you understand what she is asking of you.  It is what has kept me sane! I truly believe that! I am SO thankful I found out how to love exercise prior to all of this- I am thankful everyday that I met Kelsey.  Her style of teaching and training are superior to any I have ever experienced and she is just a wonderful person to boot!


Media Development

I am so grateful for everything Kelsey has done and for the ways she has pushed me mentally and physically over the last year that I have known her but I know that her impact on me is causing ripples, ripples on my entire life and those I have the opportunity of influencing as well. I never imagined for myself a life where I could go a day without being in pain, but now that is my reality. 




Our mission is to make health simple and provide the most effective route to living a healthy, fulfilled life. We believe that the four pillars of that are movement, mindset, community, and nutrition. 

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